Friday, 11 October 2013


Hillary Clinton isn't just a failure in the arena of foreign affairs, having recently been our Secretary of State and over seen the growth of the Iranian nuclear program while dancing her way through Africa, she isn't just a failure in the arena of health care where as the "co-president" she oversaw the illegal behind closed door meetings to develop national healthcare that thankfully failed by one vote, she is also responsible for her education program "Goals 2000" which has destroyed our schools.

Our friends on the left seem to have this huge disease of amnesia, they destroy things and then forget all about it!! They destroy things and then they have the solution to fix it!! Their solution always comes from the Federal Government. This sleepy little southern town built on a swamp (Washington D.C.) now dictates your entire life. It controls your city, your county, your schools, your sidewalks, how you sit in your car, when you can smoke, what kind of car you can drive, how much you pay for cable TV, the internet and your phone, how much water comes out of your shower head, the cost of gas and so much more. They now control your health care and are giving your children "student identifiers" in public schools so they can track them. This is the same thing as the number the soviets made the children sew onto their school sweaters, only Washington D.C. isn't forcing our children to wear their number- YET.

Common Core is having states set up data bases to collect student data and school districts are passing policies, as the Helena School district has, to allow student records to be available to researchers-actual wording- THE DISTRICT MAY GRANT ACCESS TO OR RELEASE OF INFORMATION FROM STUDENT RECORDS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT OR NOTIFICATION TO ANY PERSON, FOR THE PURPOSE OF RESEARCH, STATISTICAL REPORTING, OR PLANNING, PROVIDED THAT NO STUDENT OR PARENT CAN BE IDENTIFIED FROM THE INFORMATION RELEASED... . This information has the child's birth date and medical information as well as academic and behavioral information- plus the student identifier. With the student identifier people will know where you move if you put your child in public school. Women fleeing abusive husbands should beware- the school and the State Office of Public Instruction will know where you were in school before and where you went.

Our government is controlling and managing you because, as the communists always promise, they are creating the great panacea where there will be no unemployment or hunger or mental illness or abuse etc.- the perfect world. So far they have bankrupted our government and our culture. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FAILURES are ignored- they appear not to even remember that THE FEDERAL PROGRAM GOALS 2000 HAS DESTROYED OUR SCHOOLS.

Rush Limbaugh points out that the liberal left doesn't care if these programs like Obama Care fail- they've got what they want- MORE CONTROL.Only the American people can send these communists packing and make Washington D.C. back into the sleepy little town that no one pays much attention to. Only the American people can take back their city, county and school districts. Only the American people can move the Federal Government out of our houses and cars and showers and away from our families. STOP THE AMNESIA!! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GOALS 2000 AND STANDARDS MOVEMENT HAS DESTROYED OUR SCHOOLS!! THE SCHOOLS DID BETTER WITH THE STATES IN CHARGE!! GET THE FEDS OUT!! TAKE BACK YOUR CONSTITUTION AMERICA!!

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  1. This is chilling.

    Reminder of 1969, the Moody Blues: "Of course you are, my bright little star - I've miles and miles of files, pretty files of our forefathers' fruit. And now to suit our GREAT COMPUTER, you're magnetic ink!"