Wednesday, 13 August 2014


The answer to my question "DOES IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS?!!" is no, it does not. Our liberal friends who hate our country from its founding think of themselves as positive. They claim that conservatives are "negative". Well, not so fast my friends. Conservatives BELIEVE in this country. They UNDERSTAND what a wonderful country this is and how our SUCCESS has improved lives here at home and around the world. Conservatives BELIEVE in the goodness of this country and that we can over come FRAUD, OBUSE AND CORRUPTION to get our country back on the right track. That is optimism folks. The negativity comes from the left.

The other day we got a message from the city, never a good thing, and I opened it immediately. Wonder of wonders- the city wants ANOTHER non-motorized district (Open Spaces Bond and Complete Streets is not enough for these always invasive and intrusive folks with their noses stuck smack in the line coming straight to them from Washington D.C.). That was bad enough, but here's how the vote goes down-you see the vote they were asking for to get more property taxes from me was a "protest" vote. That way- ALL BALLOTS NOT RETURNED ARE COUNTED AS A YES VOTE!! Just think of it- opt out voting- everyone is in unless they OPT OUT!! This is how they do it these days in the schools too- you are automatically OPTED IN for all their garbage and testing unless you OPT OUT. Since most people have a life and can't follow every single thing that is going on, they don't know when to opt out so these leftists get everything they want almost universally. My husband called the city attorney and he was very happy to tell him that this law had been passed by the Montana legislature in 2009 and was reenacted in 2013. Do you know what this is? Our legislature is heavily REPUBLICAN. People do not vote for REPUBLICANS to get bowled over and abused like this. What this is, is our REPUBLICANS getting USED by the left. The lefties laugh all the way to the bank too - ha - ha "Don't look at us (though the whole thing was their plan and proposal), the REPUBLICAN majority passed it!!Republicans DO NOT HAVE TO BE THIS STUPID, Republicans DO NOT HAVE TO BE USED BY THE LEFT.

If you show up at the legislature you will run into the "alphabet soup". This is the MTSBA (Montana School Boards Association), the NEA (National Education Association), the MEA (Montana Education Association) and the MREA ( Montana Rural Educators Association). THESE ARE ALL LOBBYISTS FOR EDUCATION TAX MONEY AND THEIR VERY LIFE IS PAID FOR BY YOU. That's right- you pay taxes to pay for these groups to lobby for their interests- often opposed to your interests. Tax payer funded lobbying. Do you think that is fair? Of course they win all the time because you are as I said, living your life, and these peoples full time job, paid for by you, is to lobby for what they want. If you wonder "DOES IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS?!!", you have to look no further than Scott Walker in Wisconsin. His teacher's unions have to collect their own dues now and teachers are dropping out of the union like flies.

Every time you see people being registered to vote on the street with no need to produce a birth certificate, or NINE HUNDRED absentee ballots being sent to the Democratic headquarters, or a crucial precinct not having ONE Republican vote, or recounts over and over until a Democrat gets the most votes, REMEMBER YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!! You can change this by voting out corrupt and inept politicians. You can vote for people who will turn this government around. You do not have to put up with people with absolutely no qualifications or proven abilities (like Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama). Hawaii just voted out their incumbent governor in a primary for the first time ever. He had ten times the money and Barrack Obama's endorsement, but he lost.

In Helena we have allowed the lobbyist for the Police and Fire union to be our Mayor for 15 years!! We have the president of the teachers unions wife on our school board!! Things do not have to be this way. You have to live your life, but you can pay attention and vote these people out. Vote for people that don't believe in opt out voting. Vote for people that will represent the interests of the people not the government. Vote for people who will stand for the interests of our country and not the interests of POWER. WE CAN CHANGE THIS IF WE PAY ATTENTION AND VOTE. There is not enough corruption out there to overcome the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the people. It can happen folks, it's happening right now in Wisconsin.We have a right to protect our borders and our laws. We have a right to expect fiscal responsibility in our government. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND WE WILL. FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE DEPENDING ON US. WE WON'T LOSE THIS COUNTRY ON OUR WATCH!!

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