Saturday, 2 August 2014


Now that the National Curriculum, Common Core,is being thrown out across the nation, many states are saying ,"Our STANDARDS were better than Common Core". Well, that's true, but why do they need STANDARDS ? We had better schools than we have now without these invasive STATE STANDARDS, for hundreds of years in this country. When the Carnegie Standards came about long ago they were very simple, they were graduation standards. Students would be expected to complete a certain amount of English, Math, Science, and History to graduate. How well a student should be able to write was left up to the English teacher. We didn't need the government to make this determination. Students wrote very well in those days, much better than they do today with all the government intrusion and forced testing.

STATE STANDARDS came about in the early nineties as a precursor to our NATIONAL CURRICULUM. The STANDARDS were the result of a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROGRAM CALLED GOALS 2000. Since we got the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION we have had the ESEA- NATIONAL SECONDARY AND ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ACT.  The ESEA is reenacted every ten years with loads of money. This money becomes grants that DIRECT EDUCATION IN THIS COUNTRY. Do you want this? Do you think the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS IMPROVED EDUCATION IN THIS COUNTRY? If the Federal Government has improved education in this country why is homeschooling now almost a norm and the charter school movement expanding aggressively?

National Curriculums allow FEDERAL AUTHORITIES to put political agendas into schools. That's it - over and out. The high schools in Helena now offer "genre" English classes- Women's Rights English and Holocaust English. I thought "genres" were fiction, nonfiction, adventure, fantasy, and so on- types of literature. Since when is "genre" political activist agendas?!! This is what happens when we allow FEDERAL TAKE OVER of our schools. The STANDARDS are in place to put  GLOBAL WARMING and ENVIRONMENTAL activism into our science STANDARDS. They put SEXUAL AGENDAS into our health standards. They put political agendas into our English classes. The STANDARDS put revisionist history into our history classes. And so it goes- the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT injects all of this garbage into their STANDARDS. But each state writes their own standards don't they? They may physically write them but they don't come up with the ideas. Phyllis Schlafly compared STATE STANDARDS and found the states "amazingly" the same. It was all a ruse that states had their INDIVIDUAL STATE CREATED STANDARDS, just like it is a ruse today that Common Core is not a curriculum.

The Common Core advocates are screaming from the top of their lungs that "Common Core is not a curriculum" BALONEY!! THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!! Common Core TRAINS TEACHERS ON HOW TO TEACH, Common Core TELLS TEACHERS WHAT BOOKS TO PICK FROM FOR ENGLISH CLASSES and TELLS TEACHERS EXACTLY HOW TO TEACH EACH BOOK. Common Core TELLS SCIENCE AND HISTORY TEACHERS HOW TO INSERT "READING INTO THEIR CLASSES ( What!! Students never read in History and Science classes before??) Common Core HAS ALL THE TESTS AND REQUIRES THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO ALIGN THEIR CURRICULUMS TO COMMON CORE AND THEN TO SELECT TEXT BOOKS THAT ARE COMMON CORE ALIGNED!! Common Core EVALUATES TEACHERS AND COLLECTS PERSONAL DATA ON OUR STUDENTS!! Common Core is not just a curriculum- it is a controlling and invasive social engineering machine being directed from Washington.

Common Core reads like a textbook telling teachers exactly how to act and what to say. Here's an example :

students analyze the first impressions given of Tom and Aunt Polly
in the opening chapter of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer based on 
the setting and how the characters are introduced. By comparing 
these first impressions with their later understanding based on how 
the action is ordered and the characters develop over the course of
the novel, students understand the impact of Mark Twain's choices
in relating elements of the story........................................................

You can't be more of a curriculum than that!! This excerpt was taken from Terrence O. Moore"s book The Story Killers, which I highly recommend. Terrence calls the Common Core creators the arch testers and points out how terrible their curriculum is. But more importantly, we're being lied to and our right to our control over our schools, our children and our privacy is being taken away. I will call the Common Core creators the arch liars and manipulators.

In 1979 the radicals in this country were S C R E A M I N G  that our schools were failing and they needed to SAVE US!! We didn't need them to save us then and we don't need them to save us now. They have ruined our schools and even worse- have destroyed our children's right to be proud of their country and their heritage. Children aren't learning the songs of their forefathers , or their stories. They aren't learning to be proud of the great people that came before them and built this great nation.

Today, young adults from counter culture are often confused and upset. The other day I saw an obituary of a young man who had committed suicide - in his life he had been doing art for revisionist history. Not having pride and sustaining values of your country and faith in your heritage can leave you lost and in a very bad place. People have a right to raise their children as they see fit- BUT DO THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO IT TO OUR CHILDREN? We can write curriculums without STATE MANDATED STANDARDS in every subject and grade level. School should be about learning basic TRUE information and building literacy- AGENDAS HAVE NO PLACE IN SCHOOL!! AMERICA TAKE YOUR SCHOOLS BACK!!  

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