Thursday, 21 August 2014


Like most of you I suppose, I am dead tired of politics. Like you, I remember the days when we only thought about politics right before we had to vote. It did not consume our lives everyday. I was just wondering if the reason Barrack Obama is in Martha's Vineyard golfing is because he just - aw shucks- thinks we need to share our wealth? Is he buying land in Palm Springs while in office just for fairness?Have the Clinton's become multimillionaires because they are passionate for the poor? Or just maybe, is this about what it is always about, POWER AND MONEY.

These communist wannabes may have started out ardent about social justice, but I don't see them practicing it today. When Harry Truman left office he got in the car with Bess and went home. We never heard from him again. He didn't die a millionaire or go on the speaking circuit to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a speech. He had served his country and then he went home.

So why do the communist wannabes want to control the schools and the voting booth? Is it to make a "better America", or is it like every tinhorn dictator that ever lived, to gain and keep control over the "masses". Dictators like Hitler or Mussolini were rather crude about it, they didn't have a constitution to frustrate their move to control. They just killed people who spoke against them and went right into the schools and took over. The communist wannabes have to be a little more clever, they have to obfuscate their moves- you see- Common Core "is not really a curriculum" and "it's not from the government- after all, the STATES HAVE THE RIGHT OVER EDUCATION!" Yeah right, the states rights over education is no longer anything but a pretense. Common Core is the nail in the coffin, Common Core even controls national testing and college entrance exams.

If you want to take control, you have to change things. You have to have people listening to you so that you can control them. What shall I believe master? What shall I do master? You are always right master  and I am just waiting to be your servant. The communist wannabes know what we should eat or not eat, they know how we should sit in our car, they know what kinds of cars we should be able to drive, they know that we can't burn leaves in our gutter anymore or throw rice at weddings. They know that we shouldn't be able to smoke even in our own homes. They know everything and all they need is an ad campaign to make their desires become public policy. To keep this going they need control of the masses. They need to control minds. They don't want children that question them, they want children that LISTEN TO THEM.

Our children are having "information taken out" of their curriculums. They are being taught that the most important thing about our founding fathers is that they had slaves. They are being taught to "have opinions" before they have any information to make opinions with. Our children are being raised under Common Core to have the opinion that everything is relative and that their country and its founding beliefs are flawed. These dumbed down individuals are being primed to believe whatever the communist wannabes need them to believe at any moment.

People with power want to keep it and that is what Common Core is all about- creating a future generation that will submit and allow the power brokers to continue their corruption, graft and pilfering. If you make waves you are an extremist according to these very corrupt people. America needs to break away from all of this propaganda and rely on the wisdom of their founding fathers in the Constitution of The United States of America. This document frustrates the accumulation of power as its PLAN. It protects the people from the power of government- very frustrating for communist wannabes.

Who among us was not a "liberal" at one time? Not too many I guess. People need to think straight and break away from the confusion and disarray of the present day power brokers that are trying to undermine everything this country stands for. I broke away a long time ago. People who have been taken in by the propaganda that keeps the present power mongers at their dynastic peak need to break away- there's no shame in it- as I said, most of us had to break away at some point. Some of the greatest intellectuals among us - like David Horowitz- were taken in by this high powered propaganda at some point. We can't save our children until we save ourselves.

This is all really about power and money and taking our constitution and our country from us - the jig is up- don't let them.

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