Friday, 7 December 2012


I was born in 1949- raised in the 50's and 60's. We didn't have people sitting on street corners begging in those days, Meth hadn't been thought of, people who got married generally stayed that way and unwed births were very low.Since the "progressives" have had their way with America we have not moved forward- we have been in major decline- right down to the 17 trillion dollars in debt that we can't pay. Our government has spent every penny of the social security fund they collected from the people- socialist promises gone awry. This is "progressivism". It is time to take the mantle of power away from these so called "progressives" who have moved our country into vast debt and social disarray.

Today 50% of white babies and a whopping 70% of Black babies are born out of wedlock."Sleeping together" without the benefit of marriage is the norm. God is being chased out of every public square and homosexuals want men in women's restrooms and locker rooms. Drugs are being legalized by petition and 49 million people are on food stamps- leading the parade of food share and free food at school people who think they never have enough dependent people. Programs that are redundant- but no one notices as they constantly advertise for more participants to grow their business- THIS IS PROGRESS??Moving America away from freedom and super power status- the hope of the world humbled and nearly destroyed- THIS IS PROGRESS?Public schools are having to close across the country because they are failing-THIS IS PROGRESS?

Today is December 7th, the day that went down in infamy. I wonder how all those boys who lost their lives on Omaha Beach would feel about all this "progress" America has made.America needs to change alright. America needs progress alright-but it's not from the communist left that we need leadership- they've done enough.The American people need to wake up and fight back- send these so called "progressives" packing and save America for real progress that will give our children freedom,prosperity security and a bright future. America can still fight back and it starts in our schools!!

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