Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Is there something wrong with being strong? If the immigrants that came to this country,like my grandparents, were not strong could they have succeeded? If the American Pioneers that conquered the west were not strong could they have conquered the land and built the farms and ranches that settled the west?Is there a doctorate student or a great inventor who was not strong- strong enough to keep going no matter what anyone else thought and no matter the hardship?

You'd probably agree with me that being weak is not such a great thing- and yet- what are we teaching our children in school? There was an article in our local newspaper yesterday about suicide prevention education. According to the article the sponsor of this program thinks that anyone who doesn't want to discuss suicide is a "cowboy" who thinks they can make it on their own.I don't think anyone should discuss suicide with a child of any age- if an individual is in such a mental state he/she should be receiving PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING WITH A DOCTOR.Meantime, there are so many testimonials of these programs CAUSING depression and suicidal thoughts where they were not there before- this is the POWER OF SUGGESTION (just think what the DARE program has done to drug usage). Is there something wrong with handling your own problems without government intervention?Is there something wrong with cowboys? We used to admire those straight talking , hardworking INDIVIDUALS who could TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.I still admire the cowboys and the pioneers and my grandparents- and all the hardworking INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUALS that built this country.

So what do we want the next generation to look like? Do we want them to be victims that can't do anything without a group?People who were raised in collaborative groups that couldn't possibly believe in their own ideas, initiative and LEADERSHIP?People who need a water bottle at their side at all times and look to the government to provide for their every need and to tell them what to think?People who get their security and self esteem by piggy backing on government control initiatives like getting rid of football because "someone might get hurt"? Government initiatives that always seek to regulate and control- initiatives to take away INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND CHOICE.

It's no surprise that the socialist left wants to get rid of football- after all football encompasses all the values that make America strong- competition and individual accomplishment that is rewarded on the basis of merit.Football doesn't need the government-oh my- we must get rid of that!The socialist left wants children raised to be compliant- easier for the government to control. Tell your children's teacher that your child doesn't need a free lunch or a water bottle at his/her side. You want them to work alone and think for themselves not depend on others for success. For one thing, very little learning goes on in those "collaborative" groups. You want a child who is independent and strong and can think for themselves.You want to raise a child that is independent of government thought and propaganda- a child that will lead America to freedom in the midst of all these control mongers and victims that bury their own initiative and talents.America is strong because of strong individuals not because of government. If government could make us strong all the communist regimes in the world would be whopping successes instead of WHOPPING FAILURES!!


  1. What a great article, Barbara, and how timely. I have been thinking a lot lately about the total absence of LEADERSHIP in this country, and around the world. Unfortunately, the only strong leaders stepping up are Muslims pushing Sharia law.

    If we had leadership we would be working with Canada and Mexico to make a solid continental alliance, strengthening each other. If we had leadership we would be working with Russia to demilitarize the Middle East. If we had leadership we would know what's going on around the world and be shaping the future instead of reacting to it.

    You nailed it, we have been demasculating our boys for a couple of generations, and there are fewer men in the world every day. Every popular TV show glorifies wimpy gay guys. Some women have become stronger, and that's good, but overall we have become a nation of sheep.

  2. Whats the war on football ?

  3. The war on football is the recent media blitz on how football is dangerous, that it causes concussions. It has even been suggested that Black athletes are being used because the sport is dangerous. There is never an end to counterculture types trying to run others lives. Barbara