Thursday, 20 December 2012


Recently a wild leftist wrote a Your Turn in our newspaper here in Helena, the Independent Record. She was writing in response to a letter to the editor I wrote regarding all the psychotherapy going on in school by individuals who are not psychiatrists. I welcomed the Your Turn. I was very happy to see her admit to all the psychotherapy they were doing in school. I was happy to bring this subject to the light of day so that parents could hopefully become aware that their children were receiving psychotherapy in school without their permission and by unqualified individuals at that. But there was one thing that did bother me- besides the obvious obfuscation and lies that always go with these sorts of things from the rabid left- it was that she kept referring to me as Ms. Rush. I am not Ms. anything. I have been very proudly MRS. RUSH for more than forty years and before that I was very proudly MISS WORTH. Ms. is not a title.It is a made up reference borrowed from the business world which used it when they didn't know whether a woman was married or not.Does it bother you to let the liberal left make up new words and titles all the time and then expect the rest of us to follow like sheep? This is CONTROL. Every time I see those poor workers huddling outside because they want to smoke a cigarette I think of Bill Clinton saying he would make it so people could only smoke at the curb. Well there they are. Do you get tired of this kind of Control?

How much of school time is spent on academics and how much is spent on mind control? The answer to this is hard to say but one thing for sure is that it is becoming more mind control and less learning all the time. Our State Superintendent, Denise Juneau, who happens to be American Indian, has decreed that in the State of Montana Indian Education for all means teaching Indian Education IN EVERY SUBJECT!! Obviously this is mind control academics. I have been told by librarians that she or her people have been harassing the school libraries to take out books like Naya Nuki by Kenneth Tomasma and replace them with books by real American Indians she approves of. This is the real library purging that goes on and it's not the right that does it.This is CONTROL.

As mentioned on this blog before, chlldren are not put in groups to learn because it is best teaching practices. Best teaching practice is direct instruction and everyone in education knows it. The groups are for changing attitudes and supposedly teaching cooperation- the socialist village concept- we're all in this together. In other words, children should be SOCIALISTS when they grow up. They should feel responsible for others and not believe they are independent individuals who have a right to just take care of themselves (the old American idea that left charity to choice).Not only will they GET ALONG with others they will give up their independent thought and COLLABORATE ( which version of the liberals ideas do you want?). It is so inconvenient and frustrating to liberals to have people in their groups with INDEPENDENT THOUGHT. People who DON'T WANT ANY VERSION of leftist ideas. Believe me I've been there - "I'm just so uncooperative!!". These leftist ideologues are so egotistical as to think they REALLY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE AND THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF CHANGING OUR SOCIETY sic.!!

We're all experiencing this constant liberal control from the assault on football to having to wear a seatbelt. We have to pay more for every service we get from heat to phones to healthcare to "pay for others" or to pay for "green energy" (what a corrupt fiasco green energy is- Solyndra is only the tip of the ice berg there !!).This vast government bureaucracy and media controlled by the socialist left is commanding the American people!!

In school under Common Core Twain is out and Executive Order 13423 for global warming is in (no matter that that the truth is that we haven't had any global warming for the last twelve years and they couldn't prove in a bucket that it has anything to do with hydro carbons from industry.) Another suggested text from these Common Core geniuses is a New Yorker essay on Obama's healthcare program. That's federal CONTROL of curriculum.I wish I could get the Republicans in the state of Montana to understand this.

Meanwhile these two bit counseling organizations that have taken over schools take no responsibility for classrooms but direct teachers on what they "must do" to handle students with various problems. The teacher is charged with controlling the classroom and actually preparing students for the constant testing- they get evaluated on this basis- meanwhile too often these pretenders to the throne are TELLING THE TEACHER WHAT TO DO AND GETTING ADMINISTRATIVE BACK UP!! Teachers are losing morale and giving up in many ways in public schools across the nation. I remember when one of these social workers told me I had to check a student's finger nails every day first thing in the morning as he came in and fill out a chart. I told her I wouldn't do it- I was responsible for 25 students who came in loaded for bear and I needed to be there for them- organizing and teaching not checking fingernails and filling out charts. I went on to class and of course the social worker who had no responsibility and lots of time went DIRECTLY INTO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE !! That's how it goes at school these days.That's CONTROL folks.

From Bullying to Dare to School Nurses, interlopers are in the schools taking over classes and forcing social psycho babble down your children's throats-and if you don't agree with this? Why you just want to "ignore mental illness" or bullying or whatever- just ask MRS. Kathleen Shea who wrote the Your Turn.I suggested psychiatrists in clinical settings- but with the liberal left it is there way or the highway- conservative ideas just don't count!!That's CONTROL . If you don't agree with the socialist left you are ignorant and don't understand the 21st century!! That's CONTROL!! And now if they could just shut people like me up by getting control of the internet as the U.N. just advocated for in Dubai.

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  1. If we have a state Supt. of Public Instruction who was born in Kenya, will our kids be required to learn Swahili?