Monday, 17 December 2012


What is literacy? Literacy is READING. Well, why are we calling READING literacy? Maybe it's because the liberal left does not want to take responsibility for all their FAILED TEACHING STRATEGIES that have FAILED TO TEACH CHILDREN TO READ!!

Under the new Common Core (which "The Federal Government had nothing to do with"- ho ho ho as Santa would say)"literacy" will be taught in EVERY SUBJECT!!Social studies teachers and Science teachers who always assigned reading and taught the basic subject now have to babysit the students through the reading of the material- apparently because the students they get in their classes can NO LONGER READ ON THEIR OWN!!

Under Common Core- which IS A FEDERAL PROGRAM DIRECT FROM THE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION- teachers will be forced to use failed teaching techniques such as collaboration and project learning. They will also be forced to be in "Open Concept" teaching environments in many cases.There is ample evidence that this kind of teaching does not work- just consider that the new Common Core is having to require teachers of every subject to teach reading- kids can't read and don't know the reading vocabulary.

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this week about open plan offices. As I read the article, I was amazed at how much it sounded like schools these days. People can't focus on their work so the article goes, because of CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS IN THE OPEN CONCEPT ENVIRONMENT. If adults can't focus and concentrate in this environment how in the world are young CHILDREN supposed to be able to do this??

The truth is open concept environments and collaboration are not being instituted for good teaching practices and learning. They are being instituted by the one worlders who want a compliant populace that "gets along" and will be willing to be taxed to death to "help their neighbor". Their neighbor is the all powerful federal government that bestows goodies to stay in power.

Collaborative teaching is a form of psychological therapy that will supposedly create the perfect citizens for the New World Order. You just can't have "rugged individuals" that want to compete on their own- this just doesn't work under the U.N.'S plans for world government.Just stop all those questions, shut up the internet, and have "low information" voters who are willing to do what you want because everyone else is doing it.

The new Common Core Literacy was written by Achieve whose president is Mike Cohen. Mike left the Federal Department of Education and joined Achieve so he could look independent of the government- which was handing out federal grants to Achieve by the bucket loads.If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it's a rat alright.Mike realized our schools weren't teaching children to read. Instead of establishing best practices( he has no right to be establishing anything), he promoted very bad practices such as collaborative learning, project learning and open concept
classrooms, for political reasons as described above. His answer to all this bad teaching is to have children of all ages learn to read in every subject. This is literacy.

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