Saturday, 29 December 2012


I had a wonderful Christmas party this holiday season, and as these parties do, it gave me a chance to talk with many informed and delightful friends. As I was talking to one friend about the Common Core push for the usual free school teaching strategies from the sixties "collaboration, projects and open concept", he nodded his head and said yes, "learning to get along with people that are wrong". YES!! THAT'S IT EXACTLY!! These irascible buffoons who are still convinced that they are arbiters of the future, are intent on using our schools to teach children to accept their ideas- their ideas that are totally wrong.

People that are wrong can do a lot of damage. Consider, seventeen trillion dollars in federal debt and a downgraded credit rating. How are we going to get out of this one? What will happen when the real fiscal cliff comes- when we can no longer service the debt and we can't print any more money because our inflation rate makes us Argentina? Consider the state of our society- unwed pregnancies,murdering innocent babies, drugs, dependency- people standing on street corners.When the crash comes, Consider that all the vast wealth of America may be gone and the standard of living of every American lowered drastically- perhaps a healthcare system like Europe where you get on waiting lists and many services are not available to the average person. This is real damage that has been done by these people who are wrong. These egotistical people who are going to TEACH US. These egotistical people who for some reason think they have a corner on what the future will be. Well, maybe not. Maybe they really don't know the future any more than anyone else and they just want to try to control you by convincing YOU that THEY are smarter than you.

Maybe the same people that have destroyed the country want to control the future.Kind of like the Clinton's Goals 2000 program for our schools. What a fiasco that was. It had the same strident claims as Common Core(our new national curriculum), all the students would be college and career ready, drop out rates would go down, children would be higher level critical thinkers. Oh yah, that really happened. Funny, they used the same teaching strategies as Common Core too- remember the teacher would be the "guide by the side", "cooperative learning"? There you have it, collaboration, open concept, project learning. It's no wonder Common Core is the same failed garbage from Goals 2000 that never worked- guess who wrote it? You're right- Michael Coehn, assistant secretary of education under Bill Clinton wrote it. He is the president of Achieve which wrote Common Core. Why do our legislators keep supporting the same failed junk? Why do they keep pouring the money we have so little of, down this rat hole?Why won't they get politics out of our schools by letting teachers, school districts and curriculum companies decide how best to teach our children? Why do they think the GOVERNMENT has to be involved in this?When Republicans go along with PEOPLE WHO ARE WRONG they ultimately are held accountable for all the failure and the PEOPLE WHO ARE WRONG think of another program with the same tired practices to try to do the same failed ideas.WAKE UP AMERICA.

I hate to listen to people who are wrong but sometimes you just have to aggravate yourself. I wandered into this den of thieves by picking up a TIME magazine (I was amazed at how light it was- more like a pamphlet than a magazine). It had an article by the lowest president on record, the one who admitted lying to the American Public, was impeached and disbarred and had an affair with a twenty-one year old intern, you know the one, the one who is a HERO, of all things, to the American left- Bill Clinton. He had an article about the "Five Ideas That Are Changing The World"- again, being from the left, he thinks he knows the future and he is implementing the change for us.Some parts really made my eyes pop!

Here's one for you-"We have to define the meaning of our lives as something other than our ability to control someone else's." !! And what does Bill Clinton think he and his friends have been up to? The people at the Gold Bar in Helena have to stand outside to smoke a cigarette!! He brags about getting "full calorie carbonated drinks" out of our schools. What's next- adults not being able to drink what they want like in New York? What do these PEOPLE WHO ARE WRONG such as Bill Clinton think control is if it's not forcing their ideas into our lives?

Pervert Bill went on to talk about a "global sustainability" conference he went to in Brazil ( these control maniacs want to control the world- sound familiar to you history buffs?).He described the room and it sounded for all the world like our "school planning" meetings in Helena "The delegates sat around small tables speaking to one another with great respect, believing if they could work together,they could find an answer." Oh yah- what version of the left's ideas do you want? It's worked well in the Obama administration foreign policy hasn't it? Well- what's a few nukes in Iran and North Korea, the Middle East going up in flames and a dead ambassador- otherwise he's doing great right?The point is - these little groups around tables- that's COLLABORATION- folks- that's what Common Core is about- it's about world dominance by PEOPLE THAT ARE WRONG- definitely not good education. Do you hear me legislators- The Common Core National Curriculum is not for good teaching practices and it is written by PEOPLE WHO ARE WRONG and also have not taught!!

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  1. Barbara, you sure have a way of cutting to the chase! Great article.

    Oh buy the way, that "sustainability" conference in Brazil? Can you say AGENDA 21?!!

    I thought you could (putting on sweater and slippers).